Academy Curriculum

920 hours of Basic Recruit Training (480 hrs Regional/Lateral & 240 hrs Fast Track)


Criminal Justice System

Criminal/Constitutional Law

Emergency Medical Training

Emergency Vehicle Operation


Human Relations

Interpersonal Communications

Law Enforcement Stress

Patrol Procedures

Physical Training/Defensive Tactics

Practical Applications

Professional Conduct

Riot Control Training

Written Communications

mpd-academy-logo-roundThe Memphis Police Academy provides law enforcement training and education to assert capable, well prepared and confident public safety officers.  The complexities of our mission, demands constant review and revision of all training programs and our commitment to excellence.

The Memphis Police Department Training Academy utilizes practical application and classroom training to respond to rapid social changes in our community.  We are tasked to provide the highest quality of training that define and equip our officers with basic fundamental skills and abilities, orchestrated by sensitivity and respect.  The Memphis Police Training Academy’s diverse curriculum, and instructors, prepare officers to provide professional service during each encounter to affirm public trust and confidence.

Crime cannot be controlled unless there is a bond of trust between the community and its police officers.  The Memphis Police Training Academy’s excellence in instruction and its commitment to respect for human dignity are principle elements in the process that create and strengthen these bonds.

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