Lateral & Fast Track Hiring Process

If you meet the minimum requirements as an experienced (Lateral Transfer or Fast Track) Police Recruit and want to serve the Memphis community as the “Best in Blue… 

The hiring process to become the “Best in Blue” (a Memphis Police Officer) begins after completing the initial online application and consists of multiple steps, including but not limited to, firearms proficiency testing, pre-employment screenings, psychological and medical assessments.

Click for >>> Out-of-Area <<- or ->> Basic Recruit <<< applicant’s Hiring Process.

1. Complete the initial (City of Memphis) online application.

 click “Apply Today” (icon on Home page) or “Apply Now” (above)

– click your applicable job title (i.e. “Police Recruit-Lateral” or “Police Recruit-Fast Track”)

– click Apply for Job

enter requested information (please use an email address of which you check frequently)

– click “Start your application”

– complete general information and qualifying questions (uploading attachments “for police positions only” are not required)

then Submit

Applicant will receive a confirmation via email – please monitor your email.

2. Successfully test and pass firearm proficiency test

Applicant will receive an email invitation to attend and perform a firearm proficiency test.

All applicants are required to bring and present a valid driver’s license to be admitted for testing.

Click and review >>> the Firearm Proficiency Test (requires a minimum score of 80% to pass and progress to the next step for employment consideration)

Testing conducted at:

The Memphis Police Department’s Firearm Training Facility
4399 Academy Drive
Memphis, TN 38127

3. Complete the hiring in-take process

ALL APPLICANTS must bring, and be prepared to present the following documentation – on the same day of firearm proficiency testing – for submission to the Memphis Police Training Academy (main facility) 4371 Academy Drive:

  • valid driver’s license
  • original/certified birth certificate
  • high school diploma
  • P.O.S.T. (state) certified law enforcement training certificate
  • Academy training transcript

If applicable:

  • military forms – DD214 (member 4 copy) /DD256/ NGB22 / disciplinary articles, etc
  • military letter of good standing (for current military reserve officers)
  • court documents or marriage license supporting name change
  • criminal expungements and/or supporting documents

4. Accept the contingent job offer

Candidates are selected on individual merits; not a first come, first serve basis. Police Recruit classes will be filled – in accordance to budgetary allowance – based on the candidates’ succession through all phases of the employment process.

5. Successfully test and pass a battery of pre-employment screening reviews
Finger Printing
Psychological Exam
Medical Assessment

6. Successfully pass the background investigation screening

The following factors will be acquired and evaluated for employment consideration:

– Personal, criminal, military, education, traffic and employment history

All agency personnel files of the applicant’s respective law enforcement employer will be reviewed, and select interviews of the applicant’s supervisor may also be conducted as contingency for employment with the Memphis Police Department.

7. Successfully complete & pass

Clinical interviews
Updated background check

8. Receive and Accept the final job offer

Note: The entire employment process generally takes two (2) to six (6) months to determine an applicant’s suitability for employment.

9. Attend MPD’s candidate processing session

All recruit candidates will be advised to attend a candidate processing session at the MPD Training Academy.

  • Bring all required forms as instructed
  • Tour the Academy facility
  • Review parking instructions
  • Receive 1st day expectations and instructions
  • Issuance of Benefits package
  • Meet the MPA (Memphis Police Association)

10. Attend Human Resources Orientation

This informational session will be conducted at:

City Hall
125 N. Main St.
Memphis, TN 38103

Opportunity to sign-up for employee benefits and other offerings.

11. Complete 12 weeks of paid training as a Lateral Transfer Recruit or 6-weeks as a Fast Track Recruit to graduate from the Memphis Police Training Academy

A successful Lateral Transfer Police Recruit candidate will complete a 12-week training program and graduate to maintain and/or earn Tennessee P.O.S.T. certification under the auspices of the Memphis Police Department, followed by a 12-month probationary period as a Patrol Officer under the advisement of a Field Training Officer (F.T.O).

A successful Fast Track Police Recruit candidate will complete a 6-week training program and graduate to maintain Tennessee P.O.S.T. certification under the auspices of the Memphis Police Department, followed by a 12-month probationary period as a Patrol Officer under the advisement of a Field Training Officer (F.T.O).

For questions, inquiries, and/or more information regarding the lateral transition process, please contact:

Officer Cody Young, MPD Recruiter 901-636-6811

Officer Adrian Arnold, MPD Recruiter 901-636-6812