The Hiring Process

If you meet the minimum requirements and want to serve the Memphis community as the “Best in Blue,” APPLY TODAY.

The hiring process to become the “Best in Blue” (a Memphis Police Officer) or PST begins after completing the initial online application and consists of multiple steps, including physical and academic testing, pre-employment screenings, psychological and medical assessments.

1. Complete the initial online application qualification questionnaire.

 click the “Apply Today” icon on our Home page or above

 create or log into account (using a valid email address of which you check periodically)

– click Career Opportunities” at the lower left hand corner of the screen

– click Menu” at the upper left hand corner of the screen

 search and select the job posting title (i.e. Police Recruit” or “Police Service Technician”)

read and review job description, benefits, and qualifying questions tabs

– click “APPLYat the upper right hand corner of the screen

– complete general information and qualifying questions (uploading attachments are not required “for police positions only” )

advance to review, then Submit

You will immediately receive an acceptance confirmation via email.

2. All qualified applicants will receive an email notification from City of Memphis HR

Within days, you will receive an email notification, prompting you to self-schedule a battery of tests for the position of Police Recruit or PST.

The entry tests will include a 1.5 mile run, an obstacle course, and one written exam.

3. Schedule entry testing and receive confirmation email

Log into your account to self-schedule yourself to attend the next available test date.

4. Attend and successfully pass the scheduled entry exams

The following entry tests will be conducted at the MPD Training Academy
4371 O. K. Robertson Road
Memphis, TN 38127

Click the hyperlinks below (Obstacle Course / A.B.L.E.) for instructions and study guide

  • Running Test (1.5 miles within 16:30 minutes or less)
  • Obstacle Course (a foot chase simulation within 160 seconds or less)
  • One Written Exam (A.B.L.E. )

Note: (All Lateral applicants must – first – complete and pass the firearms proficiency course prior to participating in entry tests)

All applicants are only required to bring and present a valid driver’s license to be admitted for testing.

All successful applicants will receive a MPD employment application immediately after testing.

All Out-of-Town “Police Recruit” applicants, who reside more than 75 miles outside Memphis: 

  • are required to bring all required original/certified documents for your employment file during your first visit (e.g. birth certificate & high school diploma, along with any applicable documents such as military forms DD214 member 4 copy/NGB22/disciplinary articles, etc; military letter of good standing; court docs or marriage license supporting name change; criminal expungements, etc.).
  • can mail the Police Recruit application along with any outstanding, requested documents.

5. Submit a completed MPD employment application

Follow instructions in the application.

Complete and submit your application IN-PERSON to:

MPD Training Academy
4371 O. K. Robertson Road
Memphis, TN 38127

All out of town applicants will be required to make only two visits during the entire application process:

  1. PAT/Written exams – hiring process step #4 (above)
  2. Pre-employment screening – hiring process step #8 (below)

6. Successfully pass the background investigation screening

The following factors will be obtained and reviewed for employment consideration:

– Personal, criminal, military, education, traffic and employment history

7. Accept the contingent job offer

Candidates are not selected on a first come, first serve basis; but by individual merits. Police Recruit classes will be filled as needed based on the candidates’ succession through all phases of the employment process.

8. Successfully test and pass a battery of pre-employment screening and reviews

1st – Psychological Assessment

2nd – Clinical Interview

3rd – Medical Exam and Finger Printing

9. Receive and accept the final job offer

Note:   The employment process generally requires a three (3) to six (6) month span to determine an applicant’s suitability for employment.

10. Attend Human Resources Orientation

11. Complete 21 weeks of paid training as a Recruit and graduate from the Memphis Police Training Academy

As a successful Police Recruit candidate, you will complete an intensive 21-week training program and graduate to become P.O.S.T. certified, followed by a 12-month probationary period as a Patrol Officer under the supervision of a Field Training Officer (F.T.O).

As a successful P.S.T. Recruit candidate, you will complete a 6-week training program and graduate to become a qualified PST Officer, followed by a 6-month probationary period under the supervision of a Field Training Officer (F.T.O).

Interested in Joining The Best in Blue? Contact one of our Recruiters.