Benefits & Salary

Memphis Police Officers are rewarded for their hard work and years of service with a competitive salary supported by health & retirement benefits. You can earn extra pay with the MPD if you qualify for lateral entry, college incentives, and/or educational benefits from the Veterans Administration (V.A.). Learn more below about your benefits and salary as a Memphis Police Officer.

Police Officer Salaries (effective 07/01/2017)

Hourly Pay Period* Annually
Police Recruit (21 weeks of Training) $19.32 $1,545.96 $40,194.96
Police Officer II-P (One Year Probation) $20.68 $1,654.17 $43,008.42
Police Officer w/Bachelor’s Degree x 7.5%
1-2 years $22.99 $1,839.01 $47,814.26 $51,400.33
2-3 years $24.72 $1,977.76 $51,421.76 $55,278.39
3-12 years $27.26 $2,181.13 $56,709.38 $60,962.58
12+ years $27.80 $2,224.15 $57,827.90 $62,164.99


Police Officer-Lateral Salaries:

Hourly Pay Period* Annually w/Bachelor’s Degree x 7.5%
12 Weeks of Training + 1 Year $22.99 $1,839.01 $47,814.26 N/A
2-3 Years $24.72 $1,977.76 $51,421.76 $55,278.39
3-12 Years $27.26 $2,181.13 $56,709.38 $60,962.58
12+ years $27.80 $2,224.15 $57,827.90 $62,164.99


P.S.T. Salary:

Hourly   Bi-Weekly   Annually 
$12.96 $1036.89 $26,959.14

*Monthly salaries are based on 26 pay periods per year.


Benefits and Paid Leave

On the date you are hired, you will become eligible for:

Health Insurance

  • CIGNA Insurance

Life Insurance

  • Lincoln Insurance and/or the Memphis Police Association Life Insurance Plan

Death Benefit Coverage

  • No cost benefit – Paid by City of Memphis

Dental Insurance

  • Lincoln Insurance and/or the Memphis Police Association Dental Insurance Plan

Vision Coverage

  • Individual or Family coverage

Supplemental Insurance

  • Colonial

Employee/Retiree Wellness Clinic

  • Zero cost medication and medical services offered to all City of Memphis employees, retirees, and their family members who have City of Memphis health benefits. The City of Memphis forged a partnership with Cigna and Methodist Hospital to provide these quality services and to reduce employees’ overall healthcare cost.


  • Zero cost service you can connect to with a board certified doctor via secure video chat or phone.


  • Mass Mutual
  • City of Memphis Hybrid Pension Plan – combined benefits of a traditional defined retirement benefit plan with the benefits of a defined contribution plan. 

Deferred Compensation / 457(b) Plan

  • Mass Mutual
  • An optional employee tax deferred retirement savings plan that can voluntarily be added to the Hybrid Pension balance to increase the amount of the guaranteed lifetime monthly annuity the employee will receive.

Flexible Spending Account

  • Healthcare Account – Visa Card
  • Dependent Care Account

Long Term and Short Term Disability

  • Standard Insurance


  • You may retire after 25 years of service with the Memphis Police Department.


Paid Leave

Vacation Time:

Years of Service Days of Vacation
0-5 10
6 11
7 12
8 13
9 14
10 15
11 16
12 17
13 18
14 19
15-16 20
17-18 21
19-20 22
21-22 23
23-24 24
25+ 25

Bonus Day 

  • Quarterly, you can earn 8 hours of paid time off for perfect attendance and other annual awards.


  • 13 days of Holiday Pay is granted for all police officers each year.

Sick Leave

  • Sick leave is accrued monthly from your date of hire.

Military Leave/Benefits

  • Officers are allowed 20 PAID working days per year to attend their military obligation.
  • Deployment of 1 year + (based on orders); receive monthly military supplement pay of $800.00.
  • Eligible for promotion benefits that are administered during deployment.
  • Eligible to bid for other positions while deployed.
  • Seniority and time of service with the Department continues while deployed.
  • Military Kicker Program (see info and chart below)

Other Leave of Absence

  • Officers may receive other paid leave such as bereavement and family medical leave for approved circumstances.


Additional Pay and Incentives 

College Education Incentive Pay

  • You can earn additional pay by completing college level courses beyond the minimum 54 semester hours. Officers will earn an extra 5% for 85 semester hours and 7.5% for a 4 year degree.

College Tuition Reimbursement

  • $3000 annually

Annual Uniform Allotment

  • $450 annually

Annual In-service P.O.S.T. Certification Supplement Pay

  • $650 annually

Overtime Pay

  • Shift overlay
  • Special Detail Work Assignments
  • Off-duty Court Appearances

Shift Differential Pay

  • For all employees who work a non-rotating fixed shift, the city will pay a shift premium for all time worked during the second and third shifts.
2nd Shift per month 3rd Shift per month
Police Officer II (probation) $19.62 $39.24
Police Officer II $22.70 $45.40
Sergeant $25.00 $50.00

After an employee has worked 6 consecutive months on either the second or third shift or combination thereof, and continues to be assigned to either a second or third shift, the shift differential rates will be:

2nd Shift per month 3rd Shift per month
Police Officer II (probation) $29.44 $58.86
Police Officer II $34.05 $68.10
Sergeant $37.50 $75.00


Service Incentive (Longevity) Pay 

  • All officers will earn incentive pay after 5 years of service.

Court Pay

  • Overtime Pay or Accumulated Time Benefit Pay

Out of Rank Pay

  • Temporary or Special Assignments

Hazardous Duty Pay

  • Certified Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)

Field Training Officer (F.T.O.) Pay

Bilingual Pay

Military “Kicker Program”

  • Earn up to an additional $1073.40 per month if you are eligible for the G.I. Bill Educational Benefits. The MPD is an approved agency – by the Department of Veterans Affairs – to offer extra pay for police recruits with educational benefits, during their academy training as well as the 12-month probationary period after graduation.

“Kicker Program” Benefits:

Extra Salary per month*
1st six months $1,073.40
2nd six months $787.16
Remaining months $500.92

* The maximum benefit can go up to $10,671.35 total. Reservists are also eligible for this benefit.



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